We Train and Impact those who have the vision for Christian drama and film production. Pentonyx Studios is dedicated in providing entertainment that inspires families of Christian Faith.

About Pentonyx Studios

We produce high quality, entertaining, mainstream Christian films with all of the resources, effects and Social content and feature through Film production.
Our Mission

To produce Christian and Social content and feature through film production, stage production, poetry production, dance production and other social and christian religious outreaches.

Our Vision

To evangelise the world and edification of the church through presentations of evangelical drama and productions of inspiring and anointed films.

Film Making & Production

Producing Christian Films and Music that propagates the gospel of Jesus Christ. We provide quality christian live drama, theater and films productions ministry in Ghana, Africa.
Christian Drama Films

Training of those who have visions for Christian drama and film production. We also offer video stage drama productions.

PentTV Broadcast

24/7 Broadcasting service to Redefine Christian Drama and Movies through PentTV television to reach out disciples and transform the world for JESUS.

Dance Video Production

Offering a wide selection of video styles and formats, we work closely to produce the right type of video that will be on-target and deliver actionable results.
Video content marketing

We focus on content marketing as an integral part of the marketing mix, creating and managing quality content across online channels rapidly becoming our top priority.

Crews & Production Support

We have extensive experience coordinating crews and executing local video productions. We offer a full suite of in-house production capabilities, as well as a la carte pricing for crews and equipment.

Poetry & Stage Production

We offer resources and opportunities for poets, playwrights, and theater artists to create new work and see it through to production via educational workshops, developmental readings and performance.
Video Poetry Production

To encourage film and video poets to further their ongoing explorations by providing a platform for these artists to activate, collaborate, discuss, and maintain creative work developed through the convergence of these art forms.

Pentonyx Poetry Community

Be part of the expanding Pentonyx Poetry ministry by contributing your script, and bless others with what you’re doing. Click here to join.

Portfolio Gallery

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